Organic Hair Colouring

Organic Hair Colouring

The secret to beautiful locks does not come from chemical-based ingredients—, it comes from organic hair colour or dyes made from the heart of nature.
When it comes to natural products, we make sure you receive only the best. Compared to traditional hair dyeing, organic-based hair products do not receive negative reviews from users and salons. While it’s easy to criticise commercial hair products, investing in natural and organic hair dyes will provide you the additional style for your hair without the toxic chemicals that potentially threaten your health. 

Simple and Natural

Lasonia’s Natural beauty products care for your hair the right way. We recognise the need for hair styling minus the worries of chemicals and the risks that will compromise your health. Our organic hair colours or dyes merge beauty with the concept of becoming healthy by actively using only natural oils and ingredients to add style to your silky tresses.

Organic hair colour is the perfect alternative for those seeking to colour their hair naturally. This natural hair colour enriches the hair with gentle nourishing agents and rejuvenating properties. Unlike non-organic hair products, this hair dye is free from chemical properties that damage your hair. 
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Change Your Beauty Regime 

For Lasonia, hair colouring is simple: go natural. Our organic products use only certified ingredients that provide a sustainable and safe alternative to traditional hair colouring. Using organic hair colour works wonders for any hair type and brings damaged hair back to life.
Made from the finest ingredients available, our organic hair colour promotes hair health and beauty. Lasonia’s hair colouring product also serves as a conditioning agent, softening your hair’s cuticle with essential moisture and proteins. 

Lasonia’s products will help you achieve the look you want without the risks to your health. Lasonia focuses on all-natural ingredients that promote hair health and lustre. For us, we believe that beautiful hair is achievable with the right ingredients from Mother Nature.
Add some adventure to your hair with colour. Love your hair by using Lasonia’s range of natural organic hair dye products. Browse through our selection of products and pick the right colour today.
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