Henna Hair Colouring

Henna Hair Colouring

Revamping your hair with henna hair Colour or henna hair dye—has never been easier and healthier—all thanks to Lasonia’s range of all natural beauty products.

Lasonia believes that beauty should be natural; there is no need for you to risk any kind of damage by continuing to use products today that contain harmful chemicals that are both bad for you and the environment. Quite simply, the value of a natural beauty product depends on how much natural ingredient is present. For this reason, we source all of our natural ingredients ethically from suppliers across the globe. Our products have no added chemicals—only simple natural goodness that will nourish your looks. 

Henna Colours or dye

Our most popular products are our natural henna hair colour or our henna hair dye available in range of shades from brown, charcoal, and indigo. 

The idea of hair colouring comes with a set of negatives that outweigh the positive benefits. When you use chemical-based colouring dyes, you expose yourself to potentially dangerous ingredients that causes allergic reactions and increases the risk for cancer. Other health risks include severe eye and skin irritations. Most hair products will not only harm to your hair’s health, but also the environment,

So instead of subjecting yourself to the effects of chemical-based hair dye, go natural—use Lasonia’s natural henna hair dye for a healthy and chemical-free lifestyle. 
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What You Can Expect

Natural henna hair dye acts as a conditioner when applied in natural form. It also makes hair manageable and free from tangles while controlling dandruff. Lasonia’s henna products are free from side effects usually observed in other hair dyes. 

Organic hair colouring reduces the potential risks brought about by chemical-based concoctions. Don’t subject your hair to damaging hair dyes—use Lasonia’s natural henna dyes to add some style. Browse through our range of products and take your pick. 

Love your hair the right way by going all-natural. Lasonia offers a wide selection of products that adds style without damaging your crowning glory. Explore our site and discover how nature cares for your hair the right way. 

How Long Will the Results Last?

Once applied, your hair will be beautifully coloured for 4-6 weeks, depending how quick your regrowth and how well you maintain your hair.

Achieve an authentic, healthy, and non-toxic hair colour with us today!
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